The Moratorium Manifesto


Moratorium Manifesto


WE are committed to fighting the standardized testing movement because progressive education and standardized testing are antithetical. The premise of progressive education is that the best learning happens when theory and practice come together experientially.


WE understand that progressive education is at its best when it is culturally responsive and that cultures vary in their structures of discipline.


WE believe that progressive education in America is anti racist.


What would a moratorium on standardized testing do to stimulate progressive reform?


  1. It would blow the lid off the narrow constraints that have been imposed on curriculum and allow the adequate implementation of ethnic studies.
  2. It would allow PBLs to take a leading role in curriculum development.
  3. It would be a bold step toward dismantling tracking.
  4. It would open up the teacher initiated referral for advanced learning opportunities.
  5. It would allow for measure of musical, artistic, athletic, mechanical and interpersonal  aptitude to be assessed on an equal footing with math and reading.
  6. It would interrupt the deficit model cycle for low scoring students who hear year after year that they are below standard.
  7. It would put the center of learning back in the classroom and out of the hands of distant technocrats.
  8. Money that would have gone to Pearson and other testing companies could be put back into the classroom.
  9. It would eliminate gaming the metrics and cheating.
  10. Removing tests from the schedule would be a pain palliative.


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I'm a school librarian in Seattle who wants to take the corporate created standardized test away and give students books instead. Nothing would be better than to bring real progressive education to public school.

One thought on “The Moratorium Manifesto”

  1. I am really tired of losing my students to mandatory testing. They are missing out on classwork that they may not realistically be able to make up. Could someone please explain to me how this can result in a positive impact on student learning!

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